Mountain Climbing / Trekking

What Kilimanjaro offers in altitude, Mount Kenya surpasses in beauty. Mount Kenya is a stratovolcano that is dormant. It rises dramatically from the Kenyan plains to a height of 5,199m. What is more, glaciations have played a large part in the current formation of the mountain. In addition to dramatic U shaped Valleys, there are Hanging lakes and a number of tarns. The vegetation is striking with a number of different zones represented. The initial ascent climbs through lush Montana forest. Then into the dense bamboo. Before getting you to the heath-land. The highlight for many is the unique high altitude Afro-Alpine zoned besides sumitting the peaks . On the other hand, it plays a host to a bizarre collection of pre-historic looking plants including Senecios and Giant Lobelias. The peak for trekkers is Point Lenana at 4985m. It is a moderate scramble up scree and boulders from the Shiptons camp at 4,200m, Simba Tarn camp at 4500m, Austrian hut at 4790m or Mintos hut 4300m. (The real peaks at Batian 5199m and Nelion 5188m are accessible only to technical climbers).


Mt Kenya can be accessed from different routes as follows:

  • Sirimon route- The easiest and mostly driest
  • Narumoru route- The shortest and relatively wet.
  • Chogoria route- The longest and most scenic.
  • Timau route- Tough and wet.
  • Burguret route – Unexploited, tough and challenging.
  • Timau route– Less traveled and scenic.


Besides the mountain huts along Sirimon route and Narumoru route, there is Austrian hut and Meru Mt kenya Lodge which can be used by the trekkers. Rather than that, camping sites are available in all routes.

With this in mind, a good high alpine tent will determine a comfortable night or a freezing night.


The mountain can be climbed in a duration of 3-14 days depending on individual trekker taste and liking.


  • Fully supported
  • Partially supported
  • Guiding only (DIY).
We were privileged to take his Highness up Mt Kenya


There is undoubtedly no determined end in sight of the COVID-19 pandemic although global efforts to find vaccine(s) and develop guidelines on how to live with COVID-19 have picked momentum. Is it safe to travel to Kenya amidst the global covid-19 pandemic?

Our answer is YES....

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