About Us

Traverse Africa and Mountaineering Service comprises a team of well Motivated, Dedicated, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy and Ready to Assist Drivers, Guides, Chefs, Porters and Office Staff. Our range of services is second to none and our hospitality and sense of humor make your trip to any E. African destination a thrilling one with memories to be relieved in a life-time. Apart from satisfying your desire and appetite, our trips are also full-of-fun, bearing in mind that “Our tomorrow fruits will come from the seeds we plant today”. We are environmentally friendly and we promote ecotourism for the next generation tourism, as well as encouraging the cultural tourism to enable our clients immerse with the everyday beauty, realities and vibrancy of East African life.

Why choose us-:

We have an intimate knowledge of travel
• Our staff / Crew are professionally trained and experienced
• We offer personalized services
• We keeps our promise and assist our clients whenever they call us
• We have quality equipment and appropriate back-up is always on stand-by
• We make our clients Smile in Miles!